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The Town of Gilbert needs leadership and direction, and Shane Krauser brings a focused and much-needed perspective that will revitalize the Town of Gilbert – from crime reduction, to a playing field of individual and commercial prosperity, to an environment where families can thrive, to sensible residential and business expansion. Shane brings the type of leadership that can and will reenergize the community in the midst of nationwide concerns and even distress.

Shane has deep roots in Gilbert. While he was raised in Mesa, his parents secured a home in Gilbert in 1981 and that home is still owned by the family today. He remembers shopping at Liberty Market when it was still a grocery store and working at Gilbert Animal Hospital in downtown Gilbert as a young man long before it was Bergie’s Coffee Roast House.

Shane married his wife, Janelle, in 1994, and together they have six children. It is in their home that Shane believes leadership is most important, as he and his wife have helped their children thrive in a variety of capacities. They have resided in Gilbert since 2004.

Shane has vast experience in various areas that will serve the people of the Town of Gilbert, including:

• Twelve years as a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office where he worked in a number of different capacities, including a gang/homicide prosecutor in addition to leading a team of more than 20 prosecutors.

• Two years as a partner with an Arizona-based law firm where he worked as a criminal defense attorney.

• Taught at both the Phoenix and Glendale police academies, where he trained incoming cadets, along with patrol officers vying for the opportunity to advance in rank as detectives and sergeants.

• Taught Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice, and Business Law for over a decade on three different Arizona college campuses.

• Radio talk show host for five years where he addressed a broad array of issues that are impacting mainstream America.

• Over 2000 speaking engagements internationally, including Canada, Mexico, and Peru, on freedom and the parameters of the U.S. and state constitutions.

• Testified in front of U.S. Congress and has worked with both U.S. and state legislators on different pieces of legislation.

• Authored two books, “Your Nation to Save” and “What is Freedom? Is It For You,” that outline the parameters of more responsible, streamlined government and how the citizenry can play a more effective role in preserving freedom.

• Along with his wife, served in a variety of leadership positions in their church for the past 25 years.

• For more than 10 years, has owned multiple businesses. His primary business focuses on and promotes leadership, economics, and entrepreneurship development.

As for education, Shane did his undergraduate work at Arizona State University and received his law degree (J.D.) from the University of Utah. For more information on Shane’s professional background, click here.

Where does Shane stand on the issues?

Personal Freedom

Shane Krauser is one of the country’s strongest advocates of personal freedom, which is one of the most relevant and significant issues for the people of Gilbert. He holds the following positions:

Pro-Life: While local municipalities don’t deal all that frequently with the abortion issue, you should know that Shane is pro-life. Why is a pro-life mayor so vital? Because a person who is unwilling to protect life is less likely to vigorously protect the property, resources, and business ventures of others.

Pro-Family: Shane and his wife have raised their six children in Gilbert. He will work to facilitate a family-friendly environment that will ensure Gilbert is one of the best places in the country to raise a family.

Pro-Law Enforcement: Shane understands the importance of a safe community and the government’s primary function to “secure the rights” of the people. With rising crime in Gilbert, the town needs a leader who has law enforcement experience, who will work with the Town Manager and Police Chief to produce highly-qualified and well-equipped peace keeping officers. Gilbert deserves the best officers the law enforcement community has to offer.

ProEducation: Arizona’s educational system continues to suffer. Shane will be a powerful voice, together with the citizens and the town’s school board, to institute a first-rate education program.

Pro-Freedom: Government is charged with protecting fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, self-defense, contract, petitioning the government for redress of grievances, a variety of due process protections, and many others. Shane champions those freedoms, whether it be in a town council meeting, at a protest, or in general day-to-day interactions with the community. 

Pro-Self Defense: Shane supports the Second Amendment and will work to preserve the rights of those who wish to defend themselves, their families, and other innocent individuals against criminal attacks.

Small, Accountable Government

Shane Krauser understands that limited government is the bedrock of real prosperity in any community. Government is not a business. Instead, it is there to protect the people, facilitate equality, and promote progress. Shane stands for the following:

Pro-Gilbert Resident: Gilbert needs a mayor who will listen to its residents, and Shane will be an aggressive defender of the people’s property, their hard-earned resources, and their livelihoods.

Streamlined Government: There are two general approaches when it comes to government carrying out its duties.

One approach is: “There is a problem, so the government should fix it.” This is a terrible and inappropriate approach, as it leads to a bloated, overbroad, and overreaching government.

Instead, the appropriate approach should be: “We have a problem in our town. Is there an entity outside of government in the private sector that is best suited to resolve this issue? If so, let’s work to incentivize that entity to engage and solve the problem.”

Government is, with a few exceptions, rarely the right answer. Shane will work to ensure that government stays in its lane and only performs appropriate government functions, such as building roads, responsible zoning, and public safety.

Economic Development: Gilbert residents are concerned about an increasing number of apartment complexes and heavy industrial businesses coming into town. Gilbert needs a mayor that will work with the town council, the residents, and developers to make sensible decisions. Shane will work with all parties to ensure that private property is protected and that the town evolves in a way that does not harm long-term growth, safety, and prosperity.

Anti-Commuter Rail System: A mass transit system such as a commuter rail is simply inappropriate for a town situated like Gilbert.

Just as important, government entities that bring about mass transit almost always lose money. If there is going to be a mass transit system, that should be brought about and proposed by a private entity who carries the risk and who cares deeply about the “bottom line.”

Individual & Commercial Prosperity

Shane Krauser has the fortitude to fight for the people of the Town of Gilbert, bringing the best of what we have to offer together and protect what we desire individually.

Pro-Private Property: Gilbert is expanding rapidly. As a result, zoning and rezoning issues continue to haunt the town and impact people in significant ways. This issue is deserving of real attention by the mayor.

Shane will work to ensure that private property rights are not trampled upon and that inclinations to utilize eminent domain are virtually non-existent. Shane will be a voice for the people and their property.

Pro-Business: Individuals who run businesses should be at liberty to decide how to run that business and, in turn, let the marketplace reflect “good” or “bad” decisions. This is how free markets are supposed to work.

Government should protect this inherent freedom and not do things such as shut down or make it extremely difficult for businesses to thrive because of government’s controversial concerns (e.g., COVID).

Private business owners carry the risk and should be free to make business decisions. Government should, and Shane will, vigorously protect the town’s free enterprise framework.

I run not for fame, but for the people of my community – my home.”

– Karry Barker

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