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A man with great leadership, knowledge, and experience.
His primary goal is ensuring that Gilbert's best days are ahead!

Shane Krauser has an inspiring vision for Gilbert.
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Shane has the skills and experience to effectively
serve the people of the Town of Gilbert.

  • Author

    Author of two books, “Your Nation to Save” and “What is Freedom? Is It For You,” that outline the parameters of more responsible, streamlined government and how the citizenry can play a more effective role in preserving freedom.

  • Collegiate Adjunct Professor

    Taught Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice, and Business Law for over a decade on three different Arizona college campuses.

  • Political Experience

    Testified in front of U.S. Congress and has worked with U.S. and state legislators, along with city and town officials, on different pieces of legislation.

  • Business Owner

    For more than 10 years, has owned multiple businesses. His primary business promotes concepts around leadership, economics, and entrepreneurship development.

  • Law Enforcement Instructor

    Taught at the Phoenix and Glendale police academies, where he trained incoming cadets, along with patrol officers who were vying for the opportunity to advance in rank as detectives and sergeants.

  • International Speaker

    Over 2000 speaking engagements internationally, including Canada, Mexico, and Peru, on freedom, the proper role of government, and the parameters of the U.S. and state constitutions.


Radio talk show host for three years where he addressed a broad array of issues that are impacting mainstream America.


Along with his wife, served in a variety of leadership positions in their church over the past 25 years.

Trial Lawyer

Twelve years as a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office where he worked in a number of different capacities, including a gang/homicide prosecutor in addition to leading a team of more than 20 prosecutors.

Defense Attorney:
Two years as a partner with an Arizona-based law firm where he worked as a criminal defense attorney.

High-Level Engagement

Involved in a number of actions that had national implications, including the Oklahoma City bombing case (1990's), victims' rights legislation, U.S. Supreme Court litigation (Dickerson v. U.S.), and the drafting of Utah's Actual Innocence bill.


Shane did his undergraduate work (B.A.) at Arizona State University and received his law degree (J.D.) from the University of Utah.

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  1. Shane has deep roots in Gilbert.

    While he was raised in Mesa, his parents secured a home in Gilbert in 1981 and that home is still owned by the family today. He remembers shopping at Liberty Market when it was still a grocery store and working at Gilbert Animal Hospital in downtown Gilbert as a young man long before it was Bergie’s Coffee Roast House.

  2. Shane is a family first man.

    Shane married his wife, Janelle, in 1994, and together they have six children. It is in their home that Shane believes leadership is most important, as he and his wife have helped their children thrive in a variety of capacities. Shane and Janelle lived in Gilbert from 1995 to 1998. They then left to attend law school in Salt Lake City, Utah and returned to Gilbert in 2004. They have raised all six of their children in the town.

  3. Shane is ready to work for you.

    The Town of Gilbert needs leadership and direction, and Shane Krauser brings a much-needed perspective that will revitalize the town, including crime reduction, a playing field of town-wide prosperity, private property protection, an aggressive focus on town growth and expansion, and government transparency.

    Shane brings the type of leadership that can and will reenergize the community in the midst of nationwide concerns and even distress. Come get involved and support Shane for Gilbert Mayor. Working together, we can ensure that our best days are ahead!