Shane Krauser
February 6, 2023

What I Would Actionably Do as Mayor of Gilbert

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As a lifelong resident of Gilbert and someone who has raised my six children here, I am committed to making this town the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I believe that I can bring the leadership and direction that the town needs to revitalize it in the midst of nationwide concerns and distress. I want to share with you what I would actionably do as the mayor of Gilbert.


My wife and I have a deep commitment to creating a family-friendly environment in Gilbert. I will work with the town council and residents to make sure that Gilbert remains one of the best places in the country to raise a family. This means creating programs and initiatives that support families and provide opportunities for children to thrive.

Pro-Law Enforcement

As someone with law enforcement experience, I understand the importance of a safe community. Rising crime in Gilbert is a concern for all of us, and I will work with the town manager and police chief to attract the best and brightest officers to keep our streets safe. I will support our law enforcement officers and ensure that they have the training and equipment they need to do their jobs effectively.


Arizona’s educational system is in dire need of improvement, and I will be a powerful voice for change. Working with the town council and school board, I will make it a priority to establish a first-rate education program that benefits all students in Gilbert. I believe that a strong education system is key to the long-term prosperity of our town.


As a mayor, I will be a champion of freedom and individual rights. This means protecting the right to free speech, religion, assembly, self-defense, and other fundamental freedoms. I will work to ensure that the government stays in its lane and only performs appropriate government functions, such as building roads, responsible zoning, and public safety.

Pro-Self Defense

I strongly support the Second Amendment and will work to preserve the rights of residents who wish to defend themselves and their families. I believe that every law-abiding citizen should have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Pro-Gilbert Resident

As the mayor, I will be an aggressive defender of the rights and property of Gilbert residents. I will listen to your concerns and work to ensure that your hard-earned resources and livelihoods are protected. I believe that government should serve the people, not the other way around.

Streamlined Government

I believe in a limited government that stays in its lane and performs only appropriate government functions. I will work to make sure that government is not bloated, overreaching, or overbroad. I will support private sector solutions to problems whenever possible and only turn to government as a last resort.

Economic Development

I am concerned about the increasing number of apartment complexes and heavy industrial businesses coming into Gilbert. I believe that we need a mayor who will work with the town council, residents, and developers to make sensible decisions about growth and development. I will ensure that private property rights are protected and that the town evolves in a way that does not harm long-term growth, safety, and prosperity.

Anti-Commuter Rail System

A mass transit system such as a commuter rail is not appropriate for Gilbert. I believe that if there is going to be a mass transit system, it should be brought about and proposed by a private entity who carries the risk and who cares deeply about the bottom line. I will not support a mass transit system that is funded by taxpayer dollars and does not make financial sense for our town. I will instead focus on improving our existing transportation infrastructure and exploring alternative transportation options that better fit the needs of Gilbert residents.

In conclusion, I want to be the mayor who represents all residents of Gilbert, and I believe that my plans and proposals will help make Gilbert the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I will work tirelessly to make sure that the town remains a safe and prosperous place for all its residents.

Shane Krauser

The Town of Gilbert needs leadership and direction, and Shane Krauser brings a focused and much-needed perspective that will revitalize the Town of Gilbert – from crime reduction, to a playing field of individual and commercial prosperity, to an environment where families can thrive, to sensible residential and business expansion. Shane brings the type of leadership that can and will reenergize the community in the midst of nationwide concerns and even distress.

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