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Shane is driven and passionate about ensuring Gilbert’s best days are ahead, and he has massive support locally, statewide, and nationally. Check out what some of his endorsements are saying.

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“The Town of Gilbert is a special community. Our families, businesses, and taxpayers deserve a mayor who can inspire and lead with a vision that is grounded in principles of accountable government. Shane Krauser is that leader!

He has an extensive record of accomplishment personally and professionally, and a real heart for our Town. I have no doubt he will help guide and elevate Gilbert in the years to come!“

“I’m endorsing Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor. Shane has many great qualities Gilbert needs. He is willing to listen and treat each person with respect. His experience with law enforcement, entrepreneurship, and knowledge of the role of government are desperately needed in a time of rising crime, economic uncertainty, and wasteful government spending.”

The precinct committeemen and women of LD14 unanimously endorse Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor.

“Shane Krauser is stepping up at a critical time in Gilbert’s history. The town is in need of a mayor who will listen to the people, adhere to the rule of law, and bring people together without compromising principles.

Shane will be an incredible asset for Gilbert. His understanding and defense of the rule of law is what we need more of from our elected officials. He will be a powerful voice to that end. Just as important, we need statesmen like Shane who can unify decision makers and effectively implement those things that will impact Gilbert in positive ways long term.

I hope you’ll join with me in voting for Shane as our next mayor. I believe under his leadership we can solve many of the ills that are plaguing our town.”

Shane Krauser epitomizes the leadership that our town and nation needs in these changing times. Grounded in the timeless principles that define Gilbert’s greatness, Shane excels at fostering unity through respectful and constructive dialogue.

With an unwavering commitment to defending our God-given rights, Shane is the ideal choice for the office of Gilbert mayor, offering the wisdom and integrity essential for our community’s progress. I hope you join me in supporting him.”

“Good government is essential to our town and quality of life. We need quality leadership that knows when to let government do it is proper role and when to restrain government to its proper limits.

Shane Krauser is deeply rooted in the constitutional principles that guide that balance. He has spent a lifetime living and teaching these principles as a nationally-respected constitutional advocate and scholar.

I endorse Shane Krauser for mayor and thank him for his desire to bring that constitutionally-based focus to the Town of Gilbert that I love so much and where I have such deep roots.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus (Arizona Chapter) proudly endorses Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor. 

“Shane Krauser has inspired and educated our club not just at our meetings, but also by conducting a four-week long course on learning how to win any argument by understanding the Constitution.

Shane, in my opinion, is one of the state’s leading experts and educators on the Constitution.  He is a committed leader who will put his knowledge and skills into practice in order to protect and defend the citizens of Gilbert in every aspect of city government. 

Gilbert should be thrilled that he is running for mayor of their city. Shane has my complete endorsement!”

“Gilbert needs someone who can defend our town against unconstitutional laws and mandates the state or federal government would try to force on our town. I am ready for a statesman who knows the Constitution and how to apply it.

Shane Krauser is the man for the job. Shane knows both the U.S. Constitution and the Arizona Constitution inside and out. I fully endorse him for Gilbert mayor!”

“As a native of Arizona and former Town of Gilbert police officer, I fully support and endorse Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor in 2024. 

Shane is an ardent supporter of the men and women in blue and others who provide public safety in their communities. 

Shane has a stellar background in understanding and applying the rule of law. He understands the balance of government afforded to all through the US Constitution. 

He will serve the citizens of the Town of Gilbert with servant-style leadership. We, the people, will have access to him. 

As a resident of Gilbert, I believe Shane will make a difference as opposed to simply filling a seat in local government. 

Please join me in learning more about Shane Krauser for Gilbert Mayor 2024. He won’t disappoint!”

“Shane understands the proper role of government, that is that government should be as efficient as possible and work for its citizenry to ensure the protection of life, property, and freedom.

My interactions with him have shown that he will help ensure that the town government follows the rules: meaning that we will move beyond the developer-led rubber stamping of today.

Shane respects private property rights and will work to ensure the town does not encroach on citizens’ freedoms. Shane will respectfully represent all residents of Gilbert and ensure this great Town gets back on the right track and remains the jewel of the State of Arizona.”

“Shane Krauser is absolutely what we need at the local level, and I fully endorse his run for Gilbert mayor. 

Shane understands the principles of health, safety, and infrastructure that are vital to running a town. Just as important, he understands and knows how to protect and implement good policy and aggressively defend against bad policy in order to secure the objectives of safety, freedom, and prosperity for the town’s residents. 

Shane is a watchdog in every sense of the word. He’s been referred to as ‘The People’s Mayor’ for all of the right reasons. My hope is that Gilbert doesn’t miss out on this unique opportunity to elect someone of this caliber.”

“I’m endorsing Shane Krauser for Gilbert mayor.

I’ve known Shane for over 10 years. There is no one that knows the Constitution better than Shane Krauser. He fully understands the proper role of government, the rule of law, and respecting individual rights.

This is the person that will fight to make sure your rights are secured. He knows the Constitution and how to apply it. As Mayor, Shane will lead Gilbert as a model city for the rest of the nation.

Shane is a great leader and communicator. He energizes people, uniting them and bringing them together for a common cause. He understands how to quickly solve problems and help people succeed. His message resonates with anyone that seeks true freedom. Government needs to leave people alone, follow the law, and let people keep the fruits of their labor.

I offer my full endorsement to Shane Krauser for mayor of Gilbert.”

“Shane Krauser has my complete endorsement for mayor of Gilbert. He has a unique ability to energize people and bring them together for a common cause.

He recently spoke at one of our meetings, and our members were overwhelmed by his knowledge of the Constitution and his love for our country. I am confident that he will bring this same enthusiasm, along with his vast business and legal knowledge, to the Town of Gilbert as he serves as its mayor.”

“I have known Shane Krauser since 2010. He has always been a strong defender of our freedoms. It is rare to find an attorney that focuses on the Constitution, but he has done an incredible work educating thousands of people around the world on protecting and defending liberty.

Shane will be a great mayor for the Town of Gilbert. His heart is in it for the right reasons, and he will be an amazing blessing for the future of the town.”

“Gilbert has been waiting for a leader like Shane Krauser to step forward and run for mayor. We need a mayor who has the future of Gilbert as a priority.

I’m a new recent Gilbert resident and have seen the character of Gilbert change since moving here in 2019.

 Shane is the person to guide Gilbert forward. He’ll keep us moving but maintain the safety of residents as a priority.

We don’t want to lose that small town feel. Please support Shane for Gilbert’s mayor in this next election.”

“I have been involved in local politics for over a decade. Shane is the perfect candidate to run for mayor and will bring traditional values back to Gilbert. He will always stand for our personal and medical freedoms. I am looking forward to having a mayor who will lead our town with constitutional conservative principles.”

“Shane Krauser will make a great mayor for the Town of Gilbert. He is a man of and for the people, and Gilbert is lucky to have him.”

“Gilbert needs a strong leader with experience in government, especially law enforcement. The town needs someone who is a strong communicator and has a record of ‘getting things done.’ Mr. Shane Krauser has a passion for improving his surroundings and listening, caring, and connecting to his constituents.

Shane is an educator of the Constitution and a defender of freedom. Once in a while someone special comes around who will be a great leader that will make a difference and that someone is here – Mr. Shane Krauser. Fact.”

“We are supporting Shane Krauser to be the next mayor of Gilbert. He knows how government should act and react to best address the needs of the residents during our next phase of growth. 

Shane has the knowledge and experience to lead our beloved town with a strong and correct vision for the continued prosperity of our community. We believe it when Shane says, ‘Gilbert’s best days are ahead,”‘and he has everything it takes to lead us there!“

“I support Shane Krauser for mayor of Gilbert. He will focus on limited government, respecting individual rights, and keeping Gilbert safe. As a dedicated husband and father of six children, he supports educational choice and strong local schools, I am confident Shane will lead Gilbert to economic, social, and educational success.“

“I’ve had a close relationship with Shane Krauser for over 10 years, and I’ve seen his ups and downs and how he’s handled each of his victories and defeats. What I know is that there are few people with as much character and competence as Shane. I’ve lived in Gilbert all of my life and believe Shane Krauser would be the best choice to lead our town as the mayor.”

“Shane Krauser loves his family, community, state, and nation. 

Withour question, Shane will serve Gilbert selflessly and wisely.

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Shane Krauser for elected office.”

“I very rarely endorse political candidates. However, this is a simple decision for me.

I have known Shane Krauser for many years. He has sat in my office as I worked (and continue to work) as a senator for Arizona, and I’ve heard him speak many times as he has trained precinct committeemen in the Republican party as well as moved the message of rule of law and freedom.

Shane is a unifier of both Democrats and Republicans, but he will not compromise his principles. He understands the proper function of government and will work to reign in government and advance the principles that the people expect and deserve. He will be a valuable asset to the Town of Gilbert as mayor.

We are in need of more individuals of this caliber to step in the ring of politics and help restore the values that make America unique. I offer my full endorsement of Shane Krauser as Gilbert’s next mayor.”

“Shane has two strengths that are critical to running a city today: he knows the law, especially as it affects ordinary people, and he knows liberty. It is absolutely essential that from here on out all our elected representatives have a profound appreciation for the necessity of protecting individual liberty with every rule, regulation, act or ordinance.”

“Having known Shane Krauser since 2012, I can with confidence endorse his campaign for Gilbert mayor. Shane possesses every required quality: extensive experience in both the public and the private sectors, superior intellectual agility, clarity of vision, rock-solid understanding of the Constitution, and the leadership skills to affect the changes and protections our town needs!“

“I strongly endorse Shane Krauser’s candidacy for mayor of the Town of Gilbert. As a community leader, as well as throughout his career as a radio personality and as a constitutional educator, Shane has built strong relationships with many of Arizona’s and the nation’s best policy analysts and policy makers.

When it comes to understanding the essence of public service and the structures of state and federal constitutional law, he is one of the most serious, deepest thinkers I’ve ever met.

When it comes to motivating people to do the right thing and standing strong in defense of liberty, Shane’s talents are unparalleled.

Best of all, Shane will bring a ‘first principles’ perspective to Gilbert’s local governance that has been lacking for too long in too many places in this state. At the same time, Shane’s private sector experience will keep him grounded in helping overcome the real-world challenges faced by everyday people by protecting and improving Gilbert’s business-friendly reputation and commitment to job creation.”


“It is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse Shane Krauser in his run to become the next mayor of Gilbert. During the three decades I have known him and his family, Shane has consistently demonstrated his love for, and understanding of, the founding principles of freedom that have shaped our great country and her laws.

Shane not only understands the language of the Constitution but the underlying principles of freedom our nation was built upon. He has valiantly fought to preserve these principles and has never backed down from the fight for freedom.

As the most important government is local government, it is critical to support local leaders who are fully committed to upholding constitutional law and who will fight for individual liberty. Many Arizona cities like Gilbert are struggling to maintain local control over issues important to their citizens and local businesses.As State and Federal governments continue to overreach, we need individuals like Shane who will fight to keep the decisions closest to the people where they belong.

When it comes to lowering taxes, fostering Gilbert’s economic growth, and protecting your family’s right to be free, I am fully confident that Shane will fight for the citizens of Gilbert.“

“Too many within our elected leadership class are in positions that have profound effects on our lives without the educational foundation and experience needed to make a beneficial impact. Just as we expect our health care providers to be experts, we should demand the same of our elected officials. Shane Krauser is that expert.

His entire life has prepared him to be an effective civic leader guided by the time-tested principles our nation’s Founders bequeathed to us. He has the education, the experience, and the character needed to be the best mayor anywhere in the nation. Now Gilbert has the opportunity to take advantage of this great American and put Shane to work on its behalf.

I fully endorse Shane Krauser to become Gilbert’s next mayor because he will be guided by principle and not his own whim. He will be guided by experience and not wishful thinking. He will be guided by the education of an expert and not the experimentation of a novice.

In these times, we need leaders who can rise above petty partisan politics and be trusted to have a steady hand at the wheel of government, and I trust Shane Krauser to be such a leader.”

“Most people want to fight, but Shane was born to educate! He has a gift to inspire, lead and support the people of Gilbert. I have watched him in action for many years now, and I can say with great confidence that Shane is the right man for mayor of Gilbert in 2024!”

“My wife and I have known Shane for some time now. We have attended many of his informative Constitution classes. Shane is a man of honor, integrity, and has a lot of common sense. With his background and support, we both feel that Shane will make one of the best, if not the best mayor, the town of Gilbert has ever had.“

“Shane Krauser has many qualities that will enhance the mayorship, helping put Gilbert at the forefront of Arizona. The Town of Gilbert will gain a treasure by voting for this man. I am in full support of Mr. Krauser for mayor.”

“I have known Shane Krauser since 2012 and have witnessed his professionalism, integrity, and warm human touch. He is an excellent communicator and leader and is a truly great person. He has vast experience in many areas of American life and he understands how to solve problems, protect the good in our society, and help people succeed. Shane will make an excellent mayor for Gilbert. He loves America and is deeply committed to helping our city, state, and country be the best that they can be.

Shane understands the how and the why of making Gilbert great. The ‘How’ is to follow correct practices of good government based on constitutional principles and fiscal responsibility. The ‘Why’ is because that will allow Gilbert’s individuals and businesses to have the greatest amount of freedom and the greatest opportunity to achieve success.”

“Throughout an ongoing 29-year professional career, both in and out of local and state government, I’ve had an opportunity to meet and work with many public servants, but rarely a true leader. Shane Krauser is not only a leader in the truest sense, but a principled constitutionalist who understands the spirit and meaning of our founding charter and the intent it set for the survival of our constitutional republic.

Now more than ever, the Town of Gilbert needs an honest, principled, and strong professional legal mind to navigate the vast complexities of local government and the interplay with Maricopa County officials and the Arizona Governor’s office. Our nation’s future lies on the back of local, citizen-led, conservative action. Shane Krauser is who the Town of Gilbert needs as mayor to guide us through a new phase of political leadership.”

“My wife and I are from Arizona. Our parents were from Arizona, and our grandparents were from Arizona. We now live in Gilbert and have been here for about ten years. This is a great place to live, but our country has some serious problems and so does Arizona.

The massive debt caused by DC corruption, inflation, an out-of-control bureaucratic mess of our children’s education, the proliferation of drugs and mayhem at the border, and rampant crime across America all serve as vivid reminders that we must try something new, something different if we are to ever solve these crises.

Politics as usual is not the answer. We must go outside the mainstream political correctness and elect people who will stand against the corruption of the day, against the destruction of American ideals.

We must elect people to local office who have the guts to stand against those who have caused these catastrophes in our State and nation, and start rebuilding the American dream. Peace and prosperity are results of individual and national liberty.

We must elect a mayor in Gilbert who knows this, who has the spirit of freedom in his soul, who has the principles of Civil Rights in his DNA. Shane Krauser is just such a man! With the proper leadership, we can take back our country, one city at a time.

Let’s start this crusade right here in Gilbert, Arizona. Let’s elect Shane Krauser as mayor for the Town of Gilbert. It’s time!“

“Shane is the right fit for mayor of Gilbert for many reasons, just a couple being he has the experience as a prosecutor, educator, and public speaker on our Constitution. I can’t think of any current legislators or political actors that know the Constitution, let alone can lecture and write books on it. Shane won’t sell out your Second Amendment rights and will not capitulate to unconstitutional executive orders, state or federal, or unconstitutional declarations of emergency.

Shane has demonstrated he will follow and support the constitutions of the United States and of Arizona and stand between the people and illegal actions of state and federal government actors. Shane has our best interest in mind and will be diligent in his fiduciary duties overseeing the town budget and with policy decisions.

I wholeheartedly give my endorsement to Shane Krauser for mayor of Gilbert. He deserves your vote, and Gilbert needs his leadership. “

“Shane walks the walk. I’ve had the privilege to meet and stand with him in Arizona talking about the issues that face our day. As a former Utah policeman who loves the Constitution, I believe Shane will not only uphold it, but also promote its principles in Arizona as the mayor of Gilbert. We need people like him for America to remain free.”